Thank You!

This yearís GREAT GIGANTIC & GLORIOUS GARAGE SALE was a huge success! In the 26 1/2 hours of the sale on August 17-19, we raised just over $5,500. And I sold one item in the garage sale marketplace section on Facebook that will raise the number $100-200 higher. Thank you for everyone who donated their time to volunteer, and to those who came to shop.
Fred Shank, Garage Sale Chair
Volunteers need to help.
Signup sheets are by all entrances of the church to volunteer to help out at any of the times above. A usual shift is expected to be 4-6 hours, but more if needed will be tremendous and appreciated. Anyone volunteering a shift gets lunch. I will be calling you to see what hours you are willing to help out.

Donations needed.
As you still are doing your home† cleaning, please remember that we accept new to lightly used-looking items we can sell in the garage sale.
PLEASE no bowling balls, mattresses as they have no resale value, or children car seats as there are law restrictions.
Additionally... please remember some things below.
We donít have any trucks to transport furniture to the gym, so please have your own way of getting all items to the gym.
No offense... but please donít leave your garbage off (or anything so old that we canít sell). Rule of thumb... Donít donate anything that you probably wouldnít buy yourself at a garage sale.
Donít just leave any items outside the door of the gym without anyone from the GS at the gym.
Refreshments available.
In addition, there will be food at the grill outside (along with snacks inside), and we will be selling pizza in the afternoons by Pie Time on Denise Rd.

This will be a great year! Hopefully we can raise a lot of money for our church!