As all liturgical ministries blend and complement one another, as we give glory to God, it is essential that at least one person be responsible for the preparations of our weekend liturgies. Presently we have a different Liturgical Coordinator assigned to each of our weekend Masses. The role of the Liturgical Coordinator is to see that everyone and everything is in place before Mass starts.

Special talents or gifts needed for this ministry
Essential to this ministry is a great reverence and love for the Eucharist.

"Nothing else so well expresses what we believe and what we are as baptized Christians, completely dedicated to the Lord. ..... Truly the sacred liturgy, especially the Eucharistic Sacrifice, as the council told us, is the source and summit of the Church's worship, mission and life."

(Cardinal Joseph Bernadin, "Christ Lives in Me", pg 30.)

Duration of ministry
Each year regularly scheduled Liturgical Coordinators are asked to renew their commitment through a returned form, distributed to them during the season of Lent. They participate in a special commissioning rite at the Mass of the Lord's Supper on Holy Thursday. A new schedule is distributed, usually in June of each year. Coordinators are scheduled for a particular Eucharistic liturgy, on a specific Sunday of the month.

Rehearsal times or training sessions
The Liturgical Coordinator receives instruction from one of the parish staff. Participation in any liturgical ministry training program is expected when these are offered in the parish.

Expected dress requirements
As with all visible ministers at the Eucharist, dress should be appropriate for the Eucharistic celebration.