Weekly Services

Holy Cross Church offers 3 Eucharistic Celebrations every Sunday morning and 1 on Saturday evening. See the schedule. (Daily Masses are offered Monday through Friday at 7:30 AM and 5:20 PM.) These services present the timeless truths of the Catholic faith through the traditional Mass liturgy.

The Mass has two separate parts
and seven activities:

Part 1: Instruction: The Liturgy of the Word
1. Gathering - Entrance Hymn, Opening Prayer
2. Proclaiming - reading from the Old Testament, a Responsorial Psalm, a reading from the New Testament, and a reading from the Gospels
3. Explaining - Sermon or Homily
4. Praying - Profession of faith and the prayers of the faithful

Part 2: The Liturgy of the Eucharist
1. Offering - collection of Sacrifial offering, Offeratory procession (bring gifts of bread and wine to the altar)
2. Consecrating - bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ (re-presentation of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ) "Do this in memory of me" (quote scripture here)
3. Communion - congregation receives the body and blood of Christ

At the end of Mass, Catholics are sent out into the world to use the instruction of God in their daily lives.

Jesus encouraged people to come as they were and follow Him. He didn't judge a sinner's job, social status, or clothing, but what one carried in his heart. Although you will find all manners of dress at the weekend liturgies, we encourage those attending Mass to dress in their best, as if going to a celebration. Making this effort is an outward sign of love and respect for the Lord, and thanksgiving for His graces.

Holy Cross Church is very traditional in architecture. Though it has had a few updates over its roughly 125 year history, its beauty continues to educate and inspire through its detailed stained-glass windows depicting events in the life of Jesus, sculptures of Jesus and Mary, St. Joseph, and St. Anthony, and through the sculpted Stations of the Cross depicting the Passion of Jesus.

The number of people in attendance differs for each Mass time and children are welcome at all services. Greeters or Ushers may welcome you at the door and help you find a seat if the church is filling up. The church is fairly quiet as people come in and take a seat anywhere. There may be a few whispered conversations before the service begins, but most, in order to prepare for Mass, will engage in silent prayer.

Active participation, to the degree that one is comfortable, is encouraged. Participation includes singing hymns, attentive listening, and responding to readings and prayers through affirmations such as, "Amen" and "Thanks be to God." Catholic christians also recite the Gloria, Apostles Creed, and the Our Father prayer during each Mass. Direct interactions between people is minimal, but includes a special time in which congregants greet those around themselves with a Sign of Peace, such as a handshake. There are hymnals in each pew to help one follow along in song, in the order of the service, and in spoken prayers. Seasonal Misselettes are available in baskets at the doors of church.