New Parish Decision

As we were looking for a new parish, we knew there were many options. There are several that are an easy drive. We know people at most and also know the various schedules and the value each could offer. But there was something special about Holy Cross.

We had been there before, as with other area churches - for Mass, weddings, funerals, CYO and other school activities, and for committees we served on. We weren't looking for a new parish then, but we still could not help feeling the strong sense of family there.

When we attended Mass with a new purpose, to find another parish, the decision came quickly. We immediately were welcomed, enjoyed being there, and admired the church itself as well as the staff and other parishioners. We loved the tradition, the music and the programs. We could be as anonymous or as involved as we chose. It was a good fit for us and we remain very happy with our choice.

Bob Bell