Bishop Matano has released new policies for preparation and reception of Sacraments. The new guidelines will be explained at this session.

Some issues to be aware of:

  • Children do not prepare for Sacraments in their classroom, but through the Faith Formation program of their parish.
  • The Diocese of Rochester states that children are to prepare and receive sacraments at their home parish.
  • If you are a member of a parish other than Holy Cross, please contact your Faith Formation office about sacraments for your child.  
  • If your child is not baptized, and you want to learn more about becoming a member of the Catholic faith, please call the Parish Office at 663-2244.
A Sacrament is a joyous proclamation of God's presence in our lives. Christ is ALIVE. He is actually present among us; we can see Him, hear Him, touch Him, and communicate with the Sacraments.

A major responsibility of Holy Cross Church is to guide all parishioners with their preparation to receive a sacrament for the first time. Each year, many parish children participate in the Sacraments of Initiation and/or Healing. A Parish Religious Education or a Catholic School class provide support and understanding for sacraments, but the main teacher in preparation of a sacrament is the parent, under the direction of the parish's sacramental guidelines.

For individuals seeking to complete their Sacraments of Initiation and/or Healing, the Christian Initiation (RCIA) process offers an environment of support and guidance as you discover God is working in your life.