As parish, we are very concerned with ways of welcoming people to the Sacraments. Our Baptism Coordinator ensures that the Baptism of each child is a truly special occasion.

To initiate the process for the children, birth to six
years of age, call the parish office and give the secretary the necessary information. A staff member will contact you to arrange a visit and schedule the required Pre-Baptism session.

For children seven years or older, call the Religious Education Office. These children will enter into a process called R.C.I.A. or Right of Christian Initiation for Adults that is adapted for children.

To baptize your child, parents must first be registered as members of Holy Cross Parish with a census card on file. You can call or visit the parish office to get the necessary papers. Godparents for Baptism should be practicing Catholics.

Baptism is celebrated on Sunday at 1:00 PM or may be celebrated during Mass at your request. The Pre-Baptismal Program is offered on the third Sunday of the month (on the third Wednesday or Thursday of the month in June, July and August).