Jesus' Resurrection gives each of us the promise of everlasting glory. We celebrate this day with great joy. For now the fullness of the Light of Christ shines on us.

The son of God became like us so that by His death on the cross, He would be able to redeem us. Once that was accomplished, He was raised up by the Father as a sign to all of us that we too would experience the fullness of life in the world to come.

The Easter Vigil

The Most Wonderful Night of the Year 
Just a reminder that Saturday’s Easter Vigil  is not an ordinary liturgy. We assemble in darkness and bring into our midst the new fire of Easter. Candles are lit and we bask in the Light of Christ. Readings remind us of our journey of salvation. Easter Water is blessed. We welcome new members into our faith community and we sing our Alleluias. Indeed this is a different night and all Christians revel in the New Life that is ours. Because of these additional rituals, the Easter Vigil is longer. We invite you to join us because this is the best night of the year. The church pulls out all the stops and puts into the celebration the best of everything.