Contemporary society is not content with just knowing about Jesus Christ; people want to experience the presence of Jesus, first in church and then in the events and circumstances of their daily lives.

At Holy Cross parish, we have multiple ways to enrich the spiritual life of God's people. We constantly strive to satisfy a hunger, to know our Lord on a more personal level - to find Jesus in the ordinary events of our lives.

Spiritual Life Committee
The Parish Spiritual Life Committee strives to provide opportunities for the people of Holy Cross to deepen their relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Some of the opportunities that this committee oversees are the Parish Theme, "Time of Renewal", Evenings of Reflection, Women's Retreat, Men's Retreat.

The committee hopes to foster the connection between one's spiritual journey and one's daily living. We meet 'about' once a month, on the third Tuesday. All are welcome to join us for our planning sessions.

Additional Spiritual Life services include Communion Services, Holy Hour/Benediction, Rosary/Benediction, and Stations of the Cross.