Stretch your Soul
in Ten Minutes a Day

Here is a sample of the suggested practices from New Year, New You by Heather Grennan Gary. She promises that if you adopt any one of the suggested practices, you’ll be in better spiritual shape at the end of this year than you were at the beginning.

To see other ideas, go to new-year-new-you

Big Goal: Daily Mass
Daily Mass seems to perfectly meet our recommended daily allowance ofthe spiritual good stuff: readings and prayers, homily, the Eucharist. But it’s not always possible to fit it in between the demands of daily life,and sometimes it’s just not an option for those who lack good health or transportation.

First Try: Daily Scripture Reading
Two of our favorite scripture resources are Daily Gospel and Bible Diary (both from Claretian Publications and online at The 2009 Daily Gospel is a compact volume that includes each day’s gospel reading, a short reflection,plus the first reading citation. The Bible Diary offers some practical pointers for how best to encounter and pray with the daily readings.The U.S. bishops’ website,, offers pod casts of the daily Mass readings, and will e-mail you the gospel reading each morning.