The ministry of the lector is to proclaim the Word of God to the assembly through the proclamation of the readings of the particular Eucharistic celebration. In addition, the lector reads the commentary provided for the day's readings, the General Intercessions, and the announcements at the end of Mass.

Special talents or gifts needed for this ministry
Because the Word of God is an essential element of our eucharistic worship, a lector needs to have a loud, clear and articulate speaking voice that is able to be heard through our sound system. They need to possess an understanding of the readings to be proclaimed and be able to give a good interpretation of the meaning of the readings. They need to be comfortable with public speaking.

Duration of ministry
Lectors are scheduled once a month on a given Sunday, at a specific Eucharist, i.e 3rd Sunday of the month at the 8:00 AM Mass.

Rehearsal times or training sessions
There is a training session for new lectors before one begins their ministry. Periodically there will be updating sessions for all Liturgical ministers. However, each lector should prepare him/herself by looking over the readings several times prior to their assigned Mass, so as to be familiar with the context of the readings.

Expected dress requirements
As with all visible ministers at the Eucharist, dress should be one's "Sunday Best", and should be appropriate for the Eucharistic celebration. There is no specific dress code other than that which all ministers are expected to observe. Casual attire such as jeans, shorts of any kind, T-shirts, spaghetti straps or bare back dresses, are not considered suitable dress.