Do you ever ask yourself:

  • How can I know what God wants me to do?
  • What am I to do next?
  • Why did I react that way?
  • Why do I love doing some things and avoid doing others?
  • Do you feel disconnected from your Church lately?
  • Do you struggle with what God's plan for your life is?
  • Are you a passionate parishioner who wants to become even more involved and be an inspiration to others?
Join us for The Living Your Strengths Journey - a 7-week, small group, spiritual series that is designed to help you identify what God's calling is for you. You will identify your Unique gifts and learn how you may use them to increase the joy and success in your personal life, at work, in your family, in the community and in the Church.

Read what others are saying:
"I just completed the LYS class — it was exactly what I needed to open my eyes to all the signs that God has been sending me and confirming what I knew in my heart. Awesome class. I believe it could truly make significant impact in our parish.”
Joe—Achiever, Maximizer, Analytical, Arranger, Responsibility

“Without Living Your Strengths, I never would have known this is what would make me happy nor would I ever have approached anyone about it. Knowing this is a God-given talent that I am nurturing into a strength has made it even better and more rewarding for me. “THANK YOU!” 
Nickie Input, Consistency, Achiever, Responsibility, Strategic