The Cantor leads the congregation in song during our parish liturgies. This includes the weekend liturgies as well as occasional liturgical celebrations where the need for a song leader occurs.

The ministry involves leading the congregation in song for the entrance song, the psalm response, Gospel Alleluia, song for the preparation of the gifts, and recessional song; occasionally the cantor will lead the singing of the Gloria, the Lord Have Mercy, the Lord's Prayer, or the Lamb of God.

Special talents or gifts needed for this ministry
To minister as a cantor, one should have a singing talent as well as a worshipful presence. Cantors should have a rapport with the congregation. Their demeanor should be welcoming and inviting so as to engage the congregation in participation in the music of the liturgy.

Duration of ministry
The length of ministry is indefinite; it is expected that it would be a commitment of at least one year. The "year" extends from September until June. Cantors usually lead two to three liturgies per month; this is flexible. Masses are scheduled one month at a time to accommodate personal schedules.

Rehearsal times or training sessions
Cantors rehearse approximately on the first Wednesday of each month month for one half hour.

Expected dress requirements
As with all visible ministers at the Eucharist, dress should be one's "Sunday Best," and should be appropriate for the Eucharistic celebration. There is no specific dress code other than that which all ministers are expected to observe.