This is a service ministry as well as a music ministry. The Resurrection Choir leads the congregational singing from the choir loft, providing vocal leadership to the singing at funeral and memorial Masses when the need arises. As they lend support to the grieving, it is a most rewarding ministry.


Special talents or gifts needed for this ministry
An ability to sing and a comfort level with death and funerals are assets for this ministry.

Duration of ministry

The group sings in unison (not in parts). We average 80 funerals/memorial Masses a year. They may be scheduled Monday through Saturday any time during the hours of 9 am to noon and usually last approximately an hour and a half.

Rehearsal times and training sessions
There is no training specifically scheduled and rehearsals are held only when necessary. Sometimes it may be necessary to rehearse hymns before the funeral Mass. Arrival time is 15 minutes before the funeral is to begin.

Expected dress requirements
As the choir sings from the choir loft, there is no specified dress requirements.