Holy Cross designates a Parish Theme each year and this becomes the focus for our liturgical celebrations, Evenings of Reflections and various Parish activities September through May.

This Parish Theme is a means of bringing the readings home into our lives - trying to see the connection to Jesus in our daily life. With our Parish Time of Renewal in the fall, we 'officially' start using our parish theme.

Time of Renewal

Our parish hosts a "Time of Renewal" - a time of spiritual growth or re-awaking for parishioners and friends. Each fall, over 3 or 4 days and evenings, we welcome a guest presenter who presides over the renewal events.

A team of parishioners start the preparations early in June to begin the planning process. Their planning process culminates in several days of enrichment, affording all parishioners and friends (adults, children, teens, married, single, widowed) an rewarding time of reflection.

Our presider usually preaches the homily at all of the weekend Masses, so that our parish family can get a taste of what is to come. And then over 3 or 4 evenings beginning at 7 PM, our presider leads us through this "Time of Renewal". Check the bulletin for exact details of events scheduled.