Living a Stewardship Way of Life
Spring brings gardens to mind. Like gardens, our stewardship way of living requires care and attention.

One of the best ways to tend to our lives of stewardship is to look at the many “gardens” in our lives with which we have been blessed. As an individual or as a family, think and pray about how well you are tending the following “gardens.” Choose at least one and try to give it greater care over the next few months.

Spiritual Garden—What care do we give our relationship with God in worship, personal prayer, and in our unique calling to ministry? Do we tend to our own inner spirit?

Social Garden—Do we care sufficiently for those around us, in our immediate lives and friendships?

Economic Garden—Do we accumulate and disperse our financial resources with justice and charity? Do we give back to God from which we have been abundantly blessed, or from only what is left over?

Ecological Garden—How good a steward are we of the earth on which God has made us an important, but small part in the inter-relatedness of life.

Cultural Garden—Do we support the arts and those who bring beauty and music into our lives? Whose work reflects God’s creative hand working through them?

Psychological Garden—How well do we respect our emotional life and seek help in times of illness?

Physical Garden—How well do we manage our health with proper exercise and nutrition; by watching our weight and taking or allowing time for leisure?

Political Garden—Are we informed citizens and do we assume appropriate responsibility for the common good; do we vote?

Technological Garden—How well do we use the great gifts of technology—computers, mass media—to make the world a healthier and safer place?