Growth in Our Faith
and on Our Spiritual Journey

Take a look at our mission statement. The Church partners with God in order to move us through the stages of spiritual growth which include Connecting, Growing, and Serving.

We all begin as Godís children, lovers of God, but essentially observers and we need the right environment to grow spiritually. We first connect with God during Sunday Mass and our love for Him grows.

As our love grows and we become engaged by adding such
things as prayer, sacraments, community, and other nutrients to our† environment, we become Godís fields where we begin to blossom, preparing to bear fruit.

From Godís fields we† become Godís homes where His
Spirit takes up residence in us, continuing to work on us, and through us, to serve one another and to be disciples of Christ, bearing fruit throughout the world.

In a nutshell, our spiritual journey takes us from being observers to being contributors.

Contributor = Server = Steward Stewardship is returning to God in gratitude the ďfirst fruitsĒ of what we have received, not the portion of giftsthat is left over. Putting God first in our lives by practicingstewardship deepens our faith and moves us along on ourspiritual journey.

Every year at this time, we encourage all parishioners to prayerfully consider Godís call to action, to renew our commitment to Stewardship, both as a parish and as individual members of the Christian community. We are called to be stewards of all Godís gifts of our time, our talents, and our financial resources. We are expected to use these gifts in service to God and one another.