Electronic Transfer

Please consider enrolling in our Electronic Fund Transfer option. This will enable you to stay current on your Sunday offerings any time you are away*.

The Electronic Transfer requires a one-time set up, in which you choose the amount you want to contribute each month. Once the transfer is set up, this amount will be automatically deposited into Holy Cross Church’s account until you authorize a change in writing.

The process is like an electronic check that your banking institution “writes” to Holy Cross Church.  These electronic checks eliminate the need for a Holy Cross Church staff person to process a paper check and are safer to use than paper, as they are easier to track upon deposit. They are also less expensive to process than paper checks. These electronic checks show up on your bank statements typically categorized as an “Other Debit”.

The benefits of this system for your household and Holy Cross Church:

• Safe and secure way to contribute
• No processing fees
• Easily monitored
• Allows for regular and consistent giving

Holy Cross Church has set two possible dates for you to choose from to have your contribution deducted from your account. The two dates are the 10th and the 25th of each month. We hope that many of you will elect to use this system. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Laurie at 663-2244 or hclaurie@aol.com.

*Many parishioners, knowing how easy it is, have mortgage or utility payments debited automatically from their checking accounts.