Whatever you have - has been given.
Whatever you give - will be returned.

Projected Giving for 2017

We ask you to develop a plan to use your gifts for the good of the Church. In doing so, you not only help us with our annual budget process, but you also begin giving in a mindful way, returning to God a portion of all that He provides you, and assuring His continued blessings. If we approach our giving from the point of view of giving back to God what he has given to us, our gift will always be the right gift. We also ask you to consider “wrapping” your financial gift in a weekly (or monthly) parish envelope.

We are seeking to raise our average weekly offering
We need those who can, to give more because we have not yet made this year’s goal of $13,625 per weekly offering and there may be some who will have to cut back because of lost of income.

Stewardship is About More Than Money
We encourage you to live a life of Stewardship. God has equipped each of us with specific gifts and talents. Identify those gifts and find ways to develop them. Get comfortable with who God made you to be; it is your divine destiny. This mailing will also include an envelope on which to indicate your Time, Talent, and Treasure commitment to our parish for 2015.

Thank you to all the parishioners who have already responded and to those who continue to pray for the success of our Offertory Program Renewal.