We were blessed by over 230 people who came forward for our Annual Day of Goodness this year. Even with the cold weather we had people out raking and cleaning up grounds, sorting and folding Donations, and more at our 17 different sites throughout our community. People were entertaining and visiting some wonderful new friends.

The wonderful Knights of Columbus cooked a delicious dinner of Chicken Marsala and pasta and dessert for all our volunteers and organization leaders.

Folks who couldn’t do the actual day had the opportunity to visit two sites on their own when it was convenient. So there was something for everyone. Contacts and relationships were made that have sparked year-round involvement with these organizations. It was and continues to be a spirit-filled event and all who participated gave and received far more than could have been imagined.

We talked about our God moments of the day and they were varied and amazing. One that touched my heart was from a teen who said that each time the bells rang where they were working (which was outside) the sun came out. They felt God in it’s warmth.

Be sure to look for our bright t-shirts (courtesy of the generosity of Holy Sepulchre Cemetery) and join us next year. It’s something from which you’ll take many happy memories and blessings.                                                                                                                  

Look at the pictures on our website and facebook page as well as the ones here.

Catholic Charities Cloverdale

Cameron Street Ministries

Greece Clothing Closet

Fleming Point Senior Living