Cleaning the Church is seen as a service of ministry to all people of God. Volunteers are responsible for the cleaning of the sanctuary, the sacristy, and for the general orderliness of the church in preparation for the weekend liturgies. Both men and women are involved in this ministry.

Special talents or gifts needed for this ministry
One should have a love of liturgy and a reverence for the sacred space that is the gathering space for the people of God. No special talents or gifts are needed to minister in this capacity.

Duration of ministry
This ministry would last as long as one is able to continue or desires to perform this ministry. Each group plans together the work that is needed and together performs the ministry. It is preferable that this work take place on Saturday mornings, usually after the 8:00 AM Mass. It usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour. The rotation would involve participation approximately 5 times each year.

Rehearsal times or training sessions
The contact person usually schedules the cleaning groups for a year at a time. When a person is new to the ministry (or the group is new), this contact person will arrange to meet with him/her to show where the cleaning supplies are, and what needs to be done. The ministry follows the "directions" sheet distributed to each member of the weekly teams.

Expected dress requirements
Clothes should be appropriate for the ministry, recognizing also that this ministry is done in the sanctuary of the church.