Votive Lights at the Shrine in the Grotto
Votive lights are now available (to burn for a week) for your intentions or in honor/memory of a loved one. The offering is $10.00 per week and intentions are listed in the bulletin along with the intentions for the Sanctuary Gifts.. Just call the office, 663-2244 to schedule the week you would like.

Memorial and Honor Cards 
Our Parish has two cards available which indicate that a gift or donation has been made to Holy Cross Church in a person's name. One of the cards is appropriate on the occasion of the death of a relative or friend. (A family may wish to indicate in the obituary that donations may be made to the Holy Cross Church Memorial Fund.)

The second card is appropriate for a special celebration - an anniversary, a birthday, etc. or simply to make a donation in the name of another, to honor that person. The donation can also be designated to either of the funds mentioned above and can be obtained from the parish office.

Sanctuary Gifts 
Gifts of Bread, Wine and Candles
Contact the parish office to make an offering for the sanctuary candle in the church for a particular week. Also, offerings can be given for the bread and wine used in Mass for a particular week. The person or occasion and the person giving the offering will be listed in the bulletin for the given week.

School Memorial Fund
Other remembrances can be made through this fund which provides memorial cards, thinking of you cards, as well as Christmas and Easter cards. These cards may be obtained at the parish office or school.

Church Memorial Fund
Donations to the Holy Cross Church Memorial Fund are used for special needs not covered by ordinary parish funds. Gifts of $100 or more are noted on the benefactors plaque mounted near the north entrance of the church. Contact the parish office.