Lucky Calendar—Thanks for Playing!

Thank you for your patronage and support for the past 15 years. Together we have raised over $101,000 for the education of the young men and women of Holy Cross Parish.

Because of factors beyond our control, we are not able to sponsor our lucky calendars this year. At some point in the future we hope to start a new fundraiser to help with the expense of educating our youth. Thanks again for playing!

We also want thank Mary Kay Baker who made the calendar a successful fund raiser for these fifteen years. Mary Kay spent many long hours sending out letters, recording  members and their payments. She also made sure that each winner got paid and that the check got mailed out to the recipients. Without her, this fund raising project would never have worked. For you, for your work for Holy Cross, thank you!

Holy Cross Lucky Calendars are wonderful gifts - for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries...
any time!

Lucky Calendars can be purchased at any time, all year long for $30 each. In the late fall of each year, Lucky Calendars for the following year become available for purchase. Select three numbers (based on availability) when you purchase a Lucky Calendar and you have 364 chances to win (365 chances during a leap year)! Your $30 purchase price will provide funds for the parish budget along with helping to educate the young men and women of Holy Cross.

Daily Winners from the New York State Daily Evening Lottery Numbers (3 digits, straight only) receive $30. Three days of each month award a special prize: $50 on the 8th, $100 on the 18th, and $150 on the 28th. Also, all Lucky Calendar members are eligible for the Grand Prizes of $250, awarded each on St. Anthony's Day and Thanksgiving, and $1,000 awarded on the Feast of the Holy Cross. Winnings are automatically sent out to Lucky Calendar members and the names of winners are listed in the Sunday bulletin.

If interested in purchasing a calendar, please contact the parish office or click on the form in the upper right corner of this page.