Our Stewardship/Evangelization Committee has developed a mission statement*. A church mission statement defines the leadership’s vision of congregational purpose in line with Christ’s direction.

Our goal has been to clarify what Holy Cross stands for and promotes, as well as to identify what it means to be a member of our parish family. It lets fellow parishioners and outsiders know what to expect from Holy Cross as quickly and clearly as possible. Our mission statement:

Our Eucharistic Community at Holy Cross
Welcomes all to faith in Jesus Christ
and nurtures their growth,

Celebrates and demonstrates God’s presence
in our communities,

And sends forth all to serve God and each other
as guided by the Holy Spirit.

Life under the guidance of the Spirit is more complicated and difficult because we always have to ask God, “What is Thy will?” He wants us to start our day every morning by asking Him, “Show me Thy way.” This will keep us in real dependence of Him. It is what the Lord desires. The Holy Spirit in us wants to direct us according to the will of the Lord, and consequently we need no human authoritative rules, only His perfect divine guidance which is always in accordance with the word of God.

We encourage all to reflect on these words, to embrace them and make them your own, and to carry them with you as ambassadors of Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church.