If we truly believe that God gives us all that we have, trust is our response. When we recognize that our real security lies in God, we can then decide what we will return to the Lord. Our God, who has given us all, will take care of our future.

We at Holy Cross believe in the theology of Stewardship through Sacrificial Giving or Tithing. Our Parish Offertory Program is the primary means of support for the parish and its programs. We recommend that each parish family work toward the biblical standard of returning the first fruits of our labor (10% of total income) to the Lord. Consider giving 5% to the parish and the other half to the world's poor-diocesan collections, the missions, private charities, Catholic school tuition, local appeals for the needy, and other organizations that do God's work on earth.

Time and Talent

God has equipped each of us with specific gifts, strengths, and talents. We must identify these and find ways to develop them. We must get comfortable with who God made us to be; it is our divine destiny.

The concept of Stewardship does not just refer to money but also to talent and time. So we ask each Parishioner to consider giving of their time and their talents as volunteers in the Parish. We have need for all types of talents in the Parish. We need people to take part in our Liturgies, Music Ministry, Religious Education Programs, Social Ministry, Parish Life, Spiritual Life, Fund Raising and Grounds and Maintenance Programs. There are many ways that you can help. If you wish to volunteer, click on any of the menu items above and take a few minutes to review the many ministries at work in our parish. Or go directly to our Volunteer Opportunities page. You can then contact the parish office and offer your help. If you are not sure how your talents can be used, a staff member can help you discern.

Each year in the fall we send out a letter asking people to give a projection of what financial support they will give in our Parish Offertory Program for that year. We also give people an opportunity at that time to select how they want to give their gift; whether they wish to give weekly, monthly, or by some other arrangement. Envelopes are then provided to assist you in making your Sacrificial Giving offering. If no selection is made, each parish family automatically receives a packet of envelopes once a month.

We give from the blessings that God brings to us through your generosity.

Parish Tithing
A number of years ago, we as a Parish, chose to become a Tithing Parish. That means that we set aside a percentage of the parish offertory income to help those in need. At present we give $200 a month to the Woman’s Care Center, located on Lake Ave. This organization helps women to be able to chose life. We give $100 a month to The Churches of the America’s (formerly Corpus Christi) that runs a number of outreach programs, such as Matthew’s Closet which provides clothing for the needy. We also support Catholic Family Services with $100 a month. Our donation goes toward their shelters for the homeless. In addition, we use a portion of our tithing money for food vouchers to help the hungry of our area through our Holy Cross Emergency Food Shelf.
Seeing that our offertory income has increased, we will look at other ways to share our gifts.
Thank you for your generosity!