Welcome to Holy Cross Church

Sunday 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM Masses at Holy Cross, 4492 Lake Ave, Rochester, NY 14612

Sunday, 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM Masses at Our Mother of Sorrows, 5000 Mt Read Blvd, Rochester, NY 14612

Monday 8:30 AM Mass at Holy Cross

Tuesday 8:00 AM Mass at Our Mother of Sorrows

Wednesday 8:00 AM Mass at Our Mother of Sorrows  

1:00 - 5:00 PM Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at Holy Cross

Thursday 5:30 PM Mass at Holy Cross 

Friday 8:30 Mass at Holy Cross          

1st Fridays 12:00 - 3:00 PM Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at  Our Mother of Sorrows

Saturday, 8:00 AM Mass at  Our Mother of Sorrows

Saturday 4:00 PM Mass at  Our Mother of Sorrows

Saturday 5:00 PM Mass at Holy Cross



The Rosary is recited every Tuesday at 7:30 AM at Our Mother of Sorrows Church. At Holy Cross Church, the Rosary is recited every   Thursday at 9:15 AM in the Parish Center and at every Sunday at 7:30 AM in church. Join us! 



Under the guidance of medical professionals, we are asking parishioners to help us protect our most vulnerable members by respecting the following guidelines.

Masking: The wearing of face masks is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED AND RECOMMENDED, but not required for those entering church. HOWEVER, the wearing of facemasks will be REQUIRED in the sections of church designated for social distancing.

Social Distancing: The halves of church that have been marked off for social distancing will remain in place. Those seated in these areas are required to keep their mouth and nose covered the whole time that they are in church.

Hand Sanitizing: We will continue to ask all those entering church to utilize the available hand sanitizer.

Please know that we will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated. Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation as we navigate this difficult time.

Proper Mask Wearing & COVID-19 CDC Screening Questions


NEW Missals Available

We have purchased missals for use during the weekend liturgies. Please take only ONE per family and bring it with you each time you attend Mass. Please do not leave them in the pews.

If you would like to help defray the costs of this purchase, we are gratefully accepting $3 donations that you can simply drop in the collection basket.

Click LIVE Streaming to view Masses LIVE.

To follow the readings:

Copy and paste the letters: https://bible.usccb.org/ or scan the QR code from the screen. This takes you to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops web site which will have all the Daily/Weekend Readings. You will then be able to follow the readings along with the Live Streaming Mass. 

Click below to see previously recorded Masses. 




Saturdays, 2:30 -3:30 PM at Our Mother of Sorrows AND 3:30 PM until 4:30 PM at Holy Cross


Our Church is Open for Private Prayer

Wednesdays from 1:00 until 5:00 PM 

We certainly ask anyone who is sick/not feeling well that you not come to church in an effort to avoid the possibility of making others sick. You will enter through the North door of church or the Parish Center doors (the other doors will remain locked). There is hand sanitizer available when you enter and everyone is asked to use it upon entering. We ask that everyone be very conscious of social distancing—please stay at least 6 feet apart when in church. Let each of us remember this time is set aside for private prayer and to be respectful of each other, we ask that there be no socializing in church—just social distancing. 


Please sign the guest book for Bishop Clark

There will be a guest book for Bishop Clark by the baptismal font at Holy Cross church this weekend where you can express your sympathies. The book will be given to his family on Monday.

FUNERAL RITES FOR THE MOST REVEREND MATTHEW H. CLARK         Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Rochester 

SACRED HEART CATHEDRAL, 296 Flower City Park, Rochester, New York 14615

THIS Sunday, January 29, 2023 

3:00 PM Reception of the Body. The body will lie in state for public visitation from 3:00 PM until Evening Prayers at 7:00 PM. 

7:00 PM Evening Prayers. Vesting for priests and deacons will take place in the Cathedral Hall. Priests are asked to vest in alb and white stole, or cassock and surplice; deacons are asked to vest in alb and white stole.

Monday, January 30, 2023 

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM Visitation The body will lie in state for public visitation from 10:00 AM until 11:30 AM. 

12:00 PM Funeral Mass Vesting for priests and deacons will take place in the Cathedral Hall. Chasubles will be provided for priests; deacons please bring alb and white stole. 

Burial will immediately follow in the Bishop’s Crypt at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery

Prayer Vigil and Funeral will be Live-Streamed

Due to limited seating at Sacred Heart Cathedral, both the evening prayer vigil and funeral for Bishop Emeritus Matthew H. Clark will be livestreamed. 

Livestreams of the liturgies will be available on Sacred Heart Cathedral’s YouTube channel. To facilitate ease of viewing, both livestreams also will be prominently featured directly on the home page of CatholicCourier.com.


Home Visitation Program UPDATE

Two-Hour Training THIS Saturday, January 28 at 9:00 AM at OMOS

See more details below under Get Involved


NEW Holy Cross 9:00 AM Sunday Morning Video Series

in the Parish Center - THIS Sunday, January 29 - Messianic Fulfillment - Part 1B Luke ch 5-9

St. Luke’s Gospel is the basis for showing how Salvation History and God’s Covenants (promises) made in the Old Testament reach their ultimate fulfillment for all nations with the New Covenant of Jesus’ (the Messiah’s) life, death, and resurrection described in the New Testament. Jeff Cavins is a world-renown Bible expert who’s entertaining presentation style along with his Bible Timeline tool make it easy for everyone to understand our Salvation History and apply it to our daily lives. 

We will use the video and weekly readings from the Bible to support small group discussion.

NEXT Sunday, February 5 - Messianic Fulfillment - Part 2A Luke ch 9-14


Pastoral Conversation

Tuesday, January 31 at 6:30 PM at Holy Cross Parish Center

The pastoral council for OMOS+HC will host a “pastoral conversation” regarding the contribution of each parish toward the bankruptcy in the Holy Cross Parish Center.

I am most appreciative to the pastoral council for organizing this event and to Leon T. Sawyko and Kevin Foy who will join me for the panel presentation.

At the conclusion of the meeting we will move the Holy Cross Church. I will lead a “Prayer Service for Healing” to conclude the evening.

I hope you can join us and please continue to pray for the healing of all those who suffered abuse by clergy and others.

 Fr. Bill Coffas  


Bible Study Began Tuesday, January 17 at 12:30 PM in the parish Center

There is no guide book for this session. Please bring a bible with you. We will be studying the book of Isaiah and interweave this with the continuation of the Eucharist, as well as weekly Mass readings. All are welcome!


Mass Books Open NOW for January through April 30, 2023.

The Stipend for a Mass Intention is $10.


Includes Instructions for Offerings for the Bread & Wine, and Sanctuary Candle


Calendar and Upcoming Events

Parish Life is how we define fellowship at Holy Cross. It’s the many opportunities to share and enjoy God’s gifts of friendship and fun with other who share the same Christian values.


Pastoral Planning Task Force Page


Adjusting Our Weekend Pulpit Announcements

With activities picking up again as the Covid pandemic slows and in order to reduce the number and length of             announcements made at weekend Mass, we are encouraging everyone to always pick up a bulletin AND to subscribe to Flocknote.

What is Flocknote?

A great communication tool. 

Subscribe today to receive notices and reminders, on your phone or in your email, about many of the activities taking place at Holy Cross and Our Mother of Sorrows parishes. 

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Parish Offices OPEN

Every Monday at Holy Cross, 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM

Every Wednesday at Our Mother of Sorrows, 9:00 AM  until 3:00 PM

Calls will be returned within five business days. Thank you.


@Holy Cross Church of Charlotte, Rochester New York

The Family Zone January 22, 2023

"The Lord is My Light and My Salvation" (Psalm 27)

Ordinary time is a great time to recognize the EXTRAORDINARY power of God! This edition of "The Family Zone" focuses on transformation and miracles large and small, placed before us by God and helping us to grow deeper in faith and possibly changing the trajectory of our lives!

Sign up today at 



A friendly reminder:

Fr. Bill Coffas does not ask people to buy gift cards. Please do not respond to any requests like this. It is simply a scam.

Please note: the message below was recently sent out but is not from Fr. Coffas:

Great thanks i need 10 qty eBay gift cards for $200 each (total $2000) . You should get them at any store around. After you get them, scratch the back and take clear pictures of each card and send it to me here. I will handle the distribution of the cards to each staff accordingly. This should remain confidential until each of them gets their card. Please keep the physical cards and receipt for reference purposes. You will be fully reimbursed.

ALSO Please note: the message below was recently sent out but is not from Fr. Coffas:

Let Me Know When You Are Not Busy Via Email. 
Best Regards.....
Fr. William Coffas

Please DO NOT respond to any email supposedly from me asking for gift cards or money.

Fr Wiliam G. Coffas


Invite Someone to Join Us at Holy Cross or Our Mother of Sorrows

JESUS tells us to go and make disciples of all people; to seek out the lost sheep; to spread the “Good News” of the Gospel message.

Want to share the joy and peace that you experience through your faith? Have you been wanting to invite a relative, friend, or neighbor to join you? Now is the perfect time!


Victims of sexual abuse should always report to the civil authorities. To receive help and guidance from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester, contact our Victim Assistance

Coor: Deborah A. Housel, 585-328-7177, x1555; Toll-free: 1-800-388-7177, x1555 or by e-mail to victimassitance@dor.org

Safe Environment Policy

Online Training for Adults

For more information, visit 



Prayer for Peace in Ukraine

Lord Jesus, born under the bombs of Kyiv, have mercy on us.

Lord Jesus, dead in the arms of a mother in Kharkiv, have mercy on us.

Lord Jesus, in the 20-year-olds sent to the frontline, have mercy on us.

Lord Jesus, who continues to see hands armed with weapons under the shadow of the cross, forgive us, Lord.

Forgive us if, not content with the nails with which we pierced your hand, we continue to drink from the blood of the dead torn apart by weapons.

Forgive us if these hands that you had created to protect have been turned into instruments of death.

Forgive us, Lord, if we continue to kill our brother. Forgive us, Lord, if we continue to kill our brother, if we continue like Cain to take the stones from our field to kill Abel.

Forgive us if we go out of our way to justify cruelty, if, in our pain, we legitimize the cruelty of our actions. Forgive us the war, Lord.

Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, we implore you to stop the hand of Cain, enlighten our conscience, let not our will be done, do not abandon us to our own doing.       

Stop us, Lord, stop us, and when you have stopped the hand of Cain, take care of him also. He is our brother.

O Lord, stop the violence. Stop us, Lord. Amen.

Composed by Archbishop Domenico Battaglia of Naples . Recited by Pope Francis at his weekly general audience, March 16.


Prayer for Vocations

Lord Jesus Christ, shepherd of souls, who called the apostles to be fishers of men, raise up new apostles in your holy Church. Teach them that to serve you is to reign: to possess you is to possess all things. Kindle in the hearts of our young people the fire of zeal for souls. Make them eager to spread your kingdom upon the earth. Grant them the courage to follow you, who are the Way, the Truth and the Life, who live and reign for evert and ever.  Amen


Prayer for Our Faith Community

God Our Father,

Your Son, Jesus Christ, is “the way, the truth and the life” and His Holy Cross is the bridge of Mercy.

Help us, your servants to build a bridge of nourishment to the hungry, a bridge of comfort to the suffering, a bridge of welcome to the lonely, a bridge of collaboration to the our sister parish, and a bridge of faith to all people through Your Sacraments. For You live and reign for ever and ever. Amen.

Our Mother of Sorrows pray for us. +


Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Update

Diocesan News Release Nov 3, 2022

Letter to the Faithful



 Who We Are

Holy Cross Church is a community, rich in talents, skills and gifts, and united in faith. We are a stable parish, fortunate to have a cross-section of ages including many who are second or third generation parishioners. Bring your gifts or your needs and you will find a hand to join with yours.


Funeral Planning

Funeral directors usually make contact with the church for funeral arrangements. Once this has happened, the families are encouraged to be involved in the planning of the liturgy. Contact Donna Petrella by calling the parish office at 585-663-2244.


Prayerful, Practical and Personal Grief Support

Grieving With Great Hope 

Jesus wept before breathing new life into Lazarus. So too, those who have lost loved ones suffer and weep. As a result of Fr. Bill’s search for a way to help those who are grieving, we will again be offering the Grieving with Great Hope program We would like to thank the participants from our previous programs for sharing their faith, trusting us, finding room in their hearts to smile and most of all, opening their hearts. They are a blessing to us. 

Please consider joining us for the next Grieving with Great Hope Program –

Wednesdays, from 12:30 to 2:30 PM
February 15 through March 22, 2023

Holy Cross Church Parish Center—parking lot which is shared with Our Lady’s Grotto

The Blessed Sacrament will be exposed for adoration before and after our program. 
NOTE: Last meeting on March 22, 2023 will be held at Our Mother of Sorrows for a Memorial Service

Information and Registration materials will be available in the Narthex of Our Mother of Sorrows and the table in the Parish Center Foyer at Holy Cross.

Registration may also be done via phone to OMOS office at 663-5432 OR at HC office at 663-2244. 





Family Prayer with Jesus the High Priest for Vocations

November 6 began National Vocations week, and that day we began a Family Prayer Project. 

We are asking families to sign up to take the icon of Jesus the High Priest into their homes and to pray each day as a family for vocations, especially to the priesthood. Sign-up sheets will be available in the narthex of Our Mother of  Sorrows and in the parish center foyer at Holy Cross (look for the icon).