From the Pastor

Dear Parishioners

September 26, 2021

"As I Walk This Way"

Dear Parishioners,

In reviewing my own article, I first thought “this is about money”. But  I realized that money is a necessary tool to support the mission of the Church and the Diocese. This is truly my focus as your pastor, not the money, but the mission of Jesus Christ. Recently we received our letters from Bishop Matano asking for our assistance with the Catholic Ministries Appeal. The question that could be asked is “Why support the CMA?” The answer I come back to is because we are a diocesan Church, and we are called to support the mission of our local Church. I greatly appreciate the assistance of our parishioners from our two parishes in promoting the CMA. Why support the CMA? Because not a day goes by in our two parishes that we do not utilize the diocesan supports that are funded by the CMA, such as, information technology, human resources, and evangelization professionals. Supporting the CMA means you are providing me, other clergy, and lay ministers with the tools we need to minister to you. Also, remember our seminarian David Cataline who served us this past summer? The CMA helps him and his brother seminarians in their formation. And we all remember the refugees being airlifted from Afghanistan just a few weeks ago. The CMA provides the needed funding to Catholic Charites so that refugees can have the support they need in creating a new life for themselves and their families. I have made my gift to the CMA and I invite you to pray about making a gift that will support this           important appeal in the life of our local church. (No money from the CMA will be used in any legal settlements. As a designated gift it is used for the purpose identified; namely, supporting the mission of the diocese.) The goals for our two parishes have decreased from last year. I invite all parishioners to contribute the same amount they gave last year to the CMA. This will help us reach our goal and support our diocesan Church.

We have a growing number of parishioners who have chosen to support the parish through a Minimum Distribution Allocation from their IRA or other long-term investment funds. Given the popularity of this way of giving, these donations are now recorded in the regular collection. With more parishioners opting to give this way, an increase in the weekly collection will be noticed. For more information on the options of how to financially support the parish, please contact Daniel Leitten or Gina Hill The allocated funds will be directed to your parish, either HC or OMOS.

Thank you for your support of the Mission of the Church and the     Diocese of Rochester!

Join us for the annual Pet Blessing next weekend, Sunday, October 3. Please find details in the bulletin.

In Christ,

Fr. William Coffas, Holy Cross & Our Mother of Sorrows

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