From the Pastor

Dear Parishioners

Dear Parishioners,

On Monday, I attended the ceremony at Saint John’s Church in Greece as Bishop Salvatore Matano presented Hands of Christ Awards to 18 of our High School seniors. They will be honored at 5:00 PM Mass this weekend. A group photo will be in the next bulletin.

Thanks to all their parents, teachers and Donna Jacobi, our Youth Minister, who have helped these young people to be the Hands of Christ in our Parish and community.

Thanks to all who are returning deposit bottles. These were picked up by Nickelback on Saturday. We will get a check for $162 for our Scout Troop. This represents 3,240 cans and bottles returned at the North Door of church, a lot of nickels! This helps with the cost of camping trips for our Scouts.

The Celebration of the Green will be on Leap Year Day. See more information in the next weekend's bulletin or visit for details about this event in support of our school.

Volunteers are needed for the Coffee Hour and for the Food Pantry. Please give consideration to how God is calling you to serve your neighbor in the name of Christ.

Today at the 10:00 AM Mass our Second Graders will be singing after Communion.

Congratulations to the 50 Children who received the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time on Saturday February 1. See the photo in the bulletin and the banner in church.

Sincerely, Father Gagnier

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