From the Pastor

Dear Parishioners

Dear Parishioners,

Once again, thanks to all who bring or send in CMA pledges. You have until May 31 of next year to complete the pledge. Special thanks to the late Helena Robb who gave her gift to the Catholic Ministries Appeal just two days before her death at the age of 103!

The latest information on our goal may be seen on the thermometer in church. We met another milestone going past 40% on this past Tuesday. Every gift counts!

Knights of Columbus will meet on the Third Tuesday, Nov. 19 at 7 PM in the Parish Center.

Annual Mass honoring Blessed Grimwald will be Noon this weekend and a luncheon.

Here is an update on the collection of pop tops and some fun facts supplied by Joanne Fisher:

Aluminum Pop Top Recycling Update

Returned 23 lbs on November 9 at 28¢/lb = $6.40.

Current rate is 28¢/lb which is up from 27¢/lb in March 2019.

Grand Total received since 2017 =

$46.14 to benefit Social Ministry Fund/Food Pantry.

We have doubled the amount of pop tops collected since the prior 6-month period. Pop tops have come from as far away as California and The Sandy Hook Canoe Club up north. Several local Adult Group Homes are regular contributors also.

An easy way to tell if a pop top is recyclable aluminum is to test on a kitchen magnet. If it does NOT stick, it is aluminum.

Special thanks to the volunteers who help to sort cans and bottles and remove pop tops from the cans donated to our Scout Troop. This is done Fridays after the 5:20 PM Mass along with any bulletin inserts. All are invited to help.

What to get involved? Bring your pop tops to church and add them to the baskets found in the entrance near the sacristy or the north entrance.

Clean deposit bottles and cans may be placed inside the North entrance near the Food Pantry donation box. Also, large bags are always welcome for bottle and can storage.

Please join our young people for the CYO Mass on Friday November 22 at 5:20 PM.

Sincerely, Father Gagnier

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