From the Pastor

Dear Parishioners

Dear Parishioners,

As noted in the next column, the special collection this weekend is for the Church in Central and Eastern Europe. Our fellow Catholics there are still recovering from the effects of Communism.

Thanks to the families of the late Mary Tarquini and Jeffrey Jesionowski who put Holy Cross Church in their obituaries so that memorial gifts can help our parish in the maintenance of our buildings and property. We have $375.00 thus far from the obituary of Jeffrey. These funds plant the seeds for our future along with mentioning Holy Cross as a beneficiary of your will or life insurance. Charity begins at our home parish!

The Summer Adventure starts July 8. It is already sold out! Sponsored by Holy Cross School, this program for ages 3 to 11 includes trips to the beach, local parks, local lunches, art and crafts music and field trips.

Dinner tickets are still available for the Terri Masters Golf Tournament July 19.

Next Meeting of Knights of Columbus is Tuesday July 16 at 7 PM in the Parish Center. First and Second Degree Ceremonies are held at St. Charles on the Fourth Tuesday of every month.

We are still in need of someone to head up the annual Garage Sale in August. Loss of this event is something we cannot afford as a parish.

Sincerely, Father Gagnier

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