From the Pastor

Dear Parishioners

August 1, 2021

As I Walk This Way”

Dear Parishioners,

This month I am working on plans to convene our two parish councils for the upcoming year. I have found a parish council to be a group of people who help me in crafting and communicating my vision for the parishes. A parish council offers advice and insight to the pastoral leader and to fellow members of the council. Beginning this month and throughout the coming year there will be opportunities for the two parish councils (from Our Mother of Sorrows and Holy Cross) to pray, socialize and listen to each other. This will be another way our cluster is building a bridge of collaboration. Please join me in praying for the success of this on-going partnership among our two parish councils.

We have enjoyed having our seminarian, David Cataline with us this summer. He has been a great help to the parishioners and ministry team. This weekend, August 1, at Holy Cross and next weekend, August 8, at Our Mother of Sorrows, David will share with us his vocation story. Please keep David and all those called to the sacrament of Holy Orders in your prayers. Next month David will return to St. John’s Seminary in Boston, MA and will begin his study of theology. This is the same seminary that Fr. Martusello attended. As I shared a few weeks ago, I found it a blessing to visit a local nursing home while accompanied by both Fr. Martusello and David. It had been a while since I have been to a nursing home and meant so much to me to do that with my brothers in the faith. Please pray that more young men will follow the example of Fr. Martusello and David in responding to the call to serve as priests of Jesus Christ.

We are looking forward to the big garage sale at Holy Cross next weekend. Please check the bulletin for details. 

May God Bless you! In Christ,

Fr. William G. Coffas

Pastor of Our Mother of Sorrows + Holy Cross 

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