Fund Raising Ministries

Fundraising Campaign Final Report

In this season of Thanksgiving, special Thanks to the hundreds of parishioners who supported this campaign and made it successful. Special thanks go out to the members of our Building and Grounds Committee which includes Charlie Kelly, Phil Marsh, Dean Swan, Jack Drexel and Jim Worden. They put in many hours of their own time to make these projects successful.

We promised you transparency so here's how your gifts were spent.

Our original goal was $200,000 and if we achieved that goal an anonymous parishioner would give us $25,000. The $225,000 would allow us to do the following:

  • Replace the air conditioning in the church -- $50,000 estimate
  • Replace the church parking lot and make some repairs to the rectory/school driveway -- $98,500 estimate
  • Security cameras for the entire parish -- $15,000 estimate
  • Repairs to the Church boiler -- $25,000 - $30,000 estimate
  • Put monies aside to replace the school parking lots.
To date we have receive $196,461 in commitments with about $7,500 still outstanding. Thankfully, our anonymous parishioner made his $25,000 gift which is included in our total.

The money has been spent as follows:
  • Air Conditioning -- $44,910
  • Parking Lot -- $173,350 - we ran into cost overruns due to the need to remove tons of soft fill that was used the last time the parking lot was totally redone which was 50-60 years ago. Since we have spect $218,260 on these projects that leaves us with a shortage of $21,799. If you are still considering a donation it will assist with the boiler and security.
Let us all thank God for his help with this project. We can take pride in our wonderful parking lot.

You will hear more about what steps we have taken for the boiler in the coming weeks.

- Kevin Foy, Trustee

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Lift High the Cross Fundraising Campaign

Complete a donor card and place it in an envelope labeled Lift High the Cross Fundraising Campaign. Include a check made payable to Holy Cross Church with Lift High the Cross written in the memo section. Then drop it in the Sunday collection basket.

Or use Parish Soft online through this website.
Follow this link:

Choose 'Quick Give' and remember to use Fund Choice Lift High the Cross Fundraising.

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See the Holy Cross School website for Celebration of the Green, Walk-a-thon, Barnes & Nobel Book Fair and More.

Maintain our Buildings & Campus

Many of our social gatherings are also important fundraisers for our parish and school. They also provide many opportunities to exercise our call to Christian Stewardship.

Watch the bulletin for opportunities to get involved and to share your time and talents.