Liturgical Ministries


It is essential that at least one person be responsible for the preparations of our weekend liturgies. We have a different Liturgical Coordinator assigned to each of our weekend Masses to see that everyone and everything is in place before Mass starts.


Greet the congregation as they enter church, assist them in locating seating, arrange for the presentation of the offertory gifts, and take up the collection. They are also alert to the needs of the congregation, i.e. assist someone who may become ill and to call for medical assistance if it is needed.


Lectors proclaim the Word of God to the assembly through the proclamation of the readings of the particular Eucharistic celebration. In addition, the lector reads the commentary provided for the day's readings, the General Intercessions, and the announcements at the end of Mass.

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion

Serve the people of God by assisting in the distribution of the Body and Blood of the Lord, both at our Eucharistic liturgy and in ministry to the sick and those confined to their homes.

Altar Servers

This ministry is open to all young boys and girls in the parish who have completed 3rd grade in school. Being an altar server enables our young people to gain a greater appreciation and understanding of their faith and of the Liturgy of the Church. It also promotes responsibility, service and leadership.

Altar Linens

This ministry involves the washing and ironing of the altar linens used for our liturgical celebrations. This Ministry is done at the volunteer's home.

Church Cleaning

Cleaning the Church is seen as a service of ministry to all people of God. Volunteers are responsible for the cleaning of the sanctuary, the sacristy, and for the general orderliness of the church in preparation for the weekend liturgies. Both men and women are involved in this ministry.

Decorate Church

This ad hoc committee of Liturgy arranges flowers, plants and special decorations for Feast Days, Christmas, Easter and Sunday Mass. All parishioners are also welcome to make a donation of flowers for any occasion or in the memory of a loved one. Extra help is especially needed during the Easter and Christmas seasons.

Liturgical ministry is a ministry to God's People who gather in prayer. It finds many expressions of service in our celebration of the Eucharist. All ministries blend and complement one another as we give Glory to God.