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From the Desk of Mary Jo DiNoto...  

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all those who assisted with     making this Lent, Holy Week and Easter truly blessed and special. You have kept the spirit alive and safe through this time of a pandemic. Giving of your time and talent has enriched all our lives and demonstrated what gifts God has given you as you have shared them with us!

A very special “Thank You” to the following people:

our Pastor, Fr. Coffas, Fr. Martuscello, Deacon Joe Placious, Deacon Tom Jewel, Deacon Don Eggleston, Jenny Ertel for her help with the Holy Week booklets and website updating, Sue O’Neal, Donna Petrella, the Holy Cross Stewardship Committee, the Holy Cross Parish Pastoral Council, Ed DiPonzio for our Lenten Zoom series, the folks at Holy Cross for the St. Joseph celebration, the folks at Our Mother of Sorrows for the St. Joseph Celebration, the Foy family for the Holy Thursday Altar of Repose at Holy Cross, Mary Martel at Holy Cross for the beautiful Altar decorations, for the folks at Our Mother of Sorrows for the beautiful Altar decorations, all the Sacristans, Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of Communion, Ushers, Greeters, Knights of Columbus, Dr. Beata Golec, John Gaspar, the Cantors and musicians, Live-Streaming teams and Magar Properties. If I have neglected to mention someone or a group, my apologies, but know how grateful I am. May this Easter season and the days beyond continue to be blessed for each of you. God Bless,

                              Mary Jo DiNoto





Spring and early Summer Spiritual Offerings

Notre Dame Retreat House

Signs of Hope - Monthly Themed Reflections by the Retreat Team via, zoom or pre-recorded found on our website and Facebook page.

Within the rotators on the top section of our website home page, click on the red tab “learn more” under “Signs of Hope” to access all reflections.

End of April—“The Resurrection Stations”

May— Meditation on Mary with focus on Our Lady of Perpetual Help

June—“St. Joseph, a model for Fathers”

July—“Come walk with us around our grounds”

Visit our website at




Remember in Prayer

Remember in Your Prayers all those affected by the Coronavirus throughout the World.

Compassionate and Loving Father, In the face of confusion and concern impart to us the calm of Your presence. In You allow us to  find hope and healing.

Be with those who lead and give them Your spirit of wisdom. Be with those who have fallen ill and give them Your comforting heart.

Wrap Your arms around our world, and hold us in Your love. Allow us at this time of trial to then serve as instruments of that love to all we meet. We ask this in Your name.


The parish community is asked to invite from among its members men who exhibit strong faith and a spirit of service and encourage them to consider a possible vocation to the permanent diaconate.

Diocese of Rochester Permanent Diaconate

The deacon is a man of faith, who is called from the community that already recognizes his dedication to service. He makes a lifetime commitment to serving the People of God by proclaiming the Word, assisting and  presiding at liturgies, and ministering in the areas of charity and social justice. A deacon gives witness to his availability to the community by addressing present and emerging needs of the Church.

The Diocese is inviting interested men of strong and active faith, who can demonstrate a record of service in the communities in which they live, work and worship, who may wish to explore a possible call to ordained ministry as a permanent deacon, to first speak with their pastor for an initial conversation. They may also contact Deacon Edward Giblin, Director of the Office of the Permanent Diaconate, at, for additional information.

A potential candidate must be at least 35 years of age and no older than 62 years of age at the time of ordination after a five (5) year period of formation. He must be in good health, emotionally mature, have stable relationships and must have the wholehearted support of his wife (if married) and family to enter the phase of inquiry. Because the parish is the primary experience of Church for most inquirers, the parish community is asked as well to invite from among its members men who exhibit strong faith and a spirit of service and encourage them to consider a possible vocation to the permanent diaconate.




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