Who We Are

Pastoral/Office Staff

Our Pastoral and Office staffs assist in all phases of care and ministering to our parishioners, along with managing all our active ministries. Lives are touched in times of difficulties and celebrated in times of joy, in a safe and caring environment for all our people.

Parish Council

Our goal has been to clarify what Holy Cross stands for and promotes, as well as to be a member of our parish family. It lets fellow parishioners and outsiders know what to expect from Holy Cross as quickly as possible.

Oct 11, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Sept 13, 2022 Meeting Minutes

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Council Constitution

Ministry & Volunteering

The call of a parish community is to express the love of God through a variety of ministries that are carried on by the community. Each parishioner is called to share their gifts and talents within the community so that the Word of God.


In Catholicism, the Mass comprises one of its most definitive elements, involving unique beliefs in the liturgy of the Eucharist, as well as the unity that it symbolizes. The Mass itself is composed of more than just its Eucharistic liturgy, and in fact, forms a thorough and fundamental foundation for divine worship in Catholicism.


Parish Life is how we define fellowship at Holy Cross. It's the many opportunities available to share and enjoy God's gifts of friendship and fun with others who share the same Christian values.


The ministry of the parish is not limited to just our immediate community. It reaches out to other churches, both Catholic and of other faith traditions. We are concerned about all those marginalized by society. We must join with others to raise our voices for the Right to Life, for Peace and Justice. Many things can be done better with the involvement of the larger community.


Holy Cross began as a mission church in 1863. She was blessed and dedicated by Bishop Timon of Buffalo on May 3rd. Reverend John M. Maurice of Our Mother of Sorrows served as pastor for the first ten years.

"As we were looking for a new parish, we knew there were many options. There are several that are an easy drive. We know people at most and also know the various schedules and the value each could offer. But there was something special about Holy Cross."