OMOS and HC High School Seniors Hands of Christ Recognition 

The Hands of Christ is a recognition program to assist parishes in affirming high school seniors who have been the “Hands of Christ” in their church, home, school and community.

The Criteria to receive this very special recognition:

  • Has consistently demonstrated a Christian attitude by word and example.
  • Has been actively involved in the parish as well as their school or community.
  • Has been a positive role model to their peers, younger children and adults.
  • Is a practicing Roman Catholic in a parish in the Diocese of Rochester and
  • Regularly attends Mass.
  • Is currently a high school senior.



We are all facing uncertainty with school, work, and daily life due to Covid-19. To provide Faith Formation in a safe way, we are offering a new home-based program. Our new model is based on the Sunday Mass Gospel Readings and has age-appropriate materials that a family can do together with all their children at the same time! Please follow the links below to learn more about this exciting new way to teach our children about the Catholic Faith and to register for 2020-2021!

Letter to Holy Cross Families


From the Holy Cross CYO Athletic Director Search Committee

We are continuing the process of searching for a volunteer Athletic Director for our CYO program. The person who had initially accepted this position is no longer able to do so.

The goal is to select a person of faith, a practicing Catholic who attends Mass every week, and strives to practice the faith by being a disciple of Christ and inviting others to follow God through a life of faithful service to the Church and community. Holy Cross has a long history with CYO, and this is an opportunity to write the next chapter. Fr. Thomas Wheeland knew that the goal of a CYO program was to bring children to Christ and we want to continue that legacy by fostering both their spiritual and athletic ability. We know that there are         people willing to take on this passion project and become the next Athletic Director for CYO at Holy Cross Church. All qualified candidates must be cleared by, and follow safe environment policies.

Please look at the volunteer job description and prayerfully consider applying by reaching out to one of us by June 24, 2023. Following our conversations and discernment we will recommend a candidate to Fr. Coffas and Fr. Miller.

Search Committee Members:

TJ Verzillo:

Anita Nagel:

Marc Boeh:

Joseph DiVincenzo




At their 2023 Easter Party, Holy Cross Church’s Girl Scout Troop donated a basketful of baby items to the Women’s Care Center to celebrate LIFE”




The objective of all of these groups is to enable our young people to develop and grow a personal relationship with Jesus.